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Tiffany Taylor

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My passion for health & wellness goes back to early childhood. Yep, I was that rare child asking for a plate of greens 24/7. I loved eating healthy but more importantly, I loved the way it made me feel. And years later, nothing has changed! Fitness is as much a part of my lifestyle as eating healthy. I always manage to find a healthy balance. 

I'm now a wellness advocate + wellness blogger, Certified Raw Food Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach. And yes, Founder & CEO of Blendtopia + wife + mama to three + passionate yogi. Life is busy! 

Let Me Guide You  

I take so much joy in seeing remarkable transformations happen to great people. It’s certainly not an overnight process but with time, patience & the right guide, you can find your path to a happier & healthier life.

I offer both nutrition & life coaching services. I keep my client base small so that I'm able to dedicate time to each client to ensure that the goals we set together are met.

Nutrition Coaching:  We focus on whole body health + wellness. A combination of nutritional guidance, education & exploration. Meal planning + fitness planning are also part of nutritional coaching sessions. 

Life Coaching:  We dig deep to remove any barriers that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. We work together to build strength & confidence. We'll push the boundaries to make change because it's your time to shine. 

If you haven't visited my Health + Wellness Blog yet, please do! SUPERCHARGED FOR LIFE. 


Book a Session 
Whether it's a one-time coaching session or a ongoing relationship, I have one clear & definitive goal. To help you simplify your life. We'll focus on bringing harmony & balance to your life so that you're able to live purposefully. 

Coaching Menu
I offer single sessions & packages either in person, by phone or video chat. For all new clients, we'll set up a free 15 minute call prior to booking your first session so that I can understand your goals. And yes, you can combine nutrition and life coaching into single sessions or packages. I like to call those NuLife sessions. 
  • Single Coaching Session: 60 minutes - $100
  • 8-Week Package: (8) 60 minute sessions - $750
  • 12-Week Package: (12) 60 minute sessions - $1,100
Nutrition, NuLife or Life Coaching, single session or package, all clients will receive access to the online client portal where you can 1) review notes + recommendations from your session(s); (2) access tons of additional resources & tools; (3) review your progress reports 
To schedule a session, please email me @ I look forward to working with you & guiding you on your journey to a healthier & happier lifestyle. 

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